Sunday, October 31, 2010

First weeks of real training...

Mohican is a long way off, but I have started the "official" training this month. All I can say is that it is going to be a long stretch through the winter to get to where I want to be by April/May. I have laid out a schedule to serve as a guideline for training, since riding with two little ones at home and a busy work schedule often changes my plans.

Yesterday I went out for a 2 hour mountain bike ride and was reminded of how much work it'll take to ride for 9-10 hours. Although the trail I rode was very rough and technical, the effort to simply ride for those 2 hours was significant. I will definately need the long rides in my schedule if I want to have any hope of riding well in June.

On a positive note since the last update, God has really provided and I secured a great road bike to help with the training. I don't have any pictures yet, but I will post some soon. A super nice Neuvation F100 popped up on Craigslist and I was fortunate enough to buy it. So far I have put about 300 miles on it and hopefully will have 1000 on before January.