Friday, December 17, 2010

Cold and Muddy in Idaho...

I tried to head out for a ride today but the wind was whipping and cold and the dirt is pretty sticky due to the wet weather we've been having. I'll have to suck it up and just get cold or sit on the trainer soon, but for now there is no rush so I just took the day off and tried to relax. I think I was a bit irritable due to the foul weather and lack of sleep.

On a side note, I'm calling it out: I will read through the entire Bible this year, PERIOD! I've danced around it long enough and its time to make a commitment and just do it. If you read my posts then you'll know that I want to make my athletic endeavors an off-shoot of my spiritual life, and I can't make a commitment to ride without also stepping it up in the spiritual side. If you think about it, drop me a line and ask me how I'm doing, I'll need some accountability on this one...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Run Today!

Its been a couple of crazy days around the house. My wife has been working her night shifts at the hospital and the kids have colds that keep them from day care. Since I get sick time and she doesn't really, I'm the one who gets to stay home and wipe noses and dish out toddler cough medicine. While they were napping, (including my wife) I was able to sneak out for a 30 minute run. The time limit was enough motivation to get me through 4+ miles at a respectable pace and the weather was only mildly miserable but tolerable enough to wear shorts and a long sleeve-T. I was again reminded of how pleasant running can be when things feel good and you are in reasonably decent shape. Well, "good" is relative, since my calves/shins are still learning the running thing again I only had minimum soreness. I planned to soak them in a bucket of snow and water but the little girl woke up and crashed the icey party. I got about two minutes in the ice anyway... enough to cause me to reconsider the ice thing for now.

Now, if I could only figure out how to get that bike off its hooks I'd be convinced that the Mohican 100 was still doable. I guess if all else fails I'll sign up for a marathon or something.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


(Update: Road Bike Photo Finally Posted)

Since it has been just over a month since my last post, I figured I better update for those who decide to check on me from time to time.

I havent' made any progress with the fundraising of the project, and winter has set in hard the last three weeks here in Idaho, so the riding has been really hurting. I have decided to turn to the old faithful running shoes to get me by when the slush is thick and the air is frigid. I remembered quickly how much it hurts when you don't run much for a while. I have vowed to go easy at it as to not get injured this winter like I did last. It seems that while some cyclists go skiing, I have found my "winter" sport is running. This process has raised my interest in doing a couple non-biking events again this year, with a possible run at the X-Terra Triathlon in McCall come August. Really though, I walk by the bikes hanging in the garage and wonder, "when will the winter end and will I have what it takes to ride 100 miles off-road?"

Those of you who know I can do it can feel free to insert your encouragement "here" and let me know that the sun will someday come out again in Idaho and my bike will still pedal.