Gear List

Running Shoes:
Asics DS Trainer 16
Asics GT 2150
Mizuno Wave Musha 3 (racing flats and minimalist trainers)

La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0 (favorites, but they have some durability problems)
Montrail Rogue Racer (minimalist trail shoes)
Brooks Cascadia 2 (old school green machines)
Brooks Cascadia 6 (Very Red)

I had been using the Superfeet insoles in all my shoes, Green and Orange ones depending on the situation.  However, I am now weening myself off these and have ran most of my miles lately in the stock insoles.  It has allowed my feet to feel the ground a bit better and is decreasing some ankle pain I've been having.

Other Gear:
Hydration Packs:
- Nathan HPL 020
- Camelback Mule (mostly for biking or hopping over trees :)
Near Redfish Lake, Stanley, ID
Road Bike: 2013 Raleigh Furley (if you want to call a Single speed cyclocross bike with disc brakes a road bike :)  New, but looking to be a very fun bike.
The Furley is a great all-around bike for almost any terrain.
SS simplicity.  I love this picture.
Mountain Bike: 2003 Gary Fisher Sugar 293.  Thanks to a true hero named Hal for hooking me up.  I still owe you Hal!  This baby has 29 inch wheels and 3 inches of front and rear suspension.  Fastest bike downhill I have ever owned.  Its durability is a bit in question due to its age, but it will get tested June 30th at the Galena Grinder!
Thank you Hal Miller!

Wish List:
  1. Surly Karate Monkey built up with a decent suspension fork for long rides and races.
  2. Barefoot style running shoes
  3. Trailer bike for my kids when they're old enough
  4. An old beater mountain bike, something like a steel Rockhopper or Stumpjumper, or an old Trek 820 to build as a dedicated touring bike and bike trailer puller.