Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weiser River 50K! Here I Come!

The Facebook announcement!
The other night I was poking around on Facebook and found a little promo going on through Shu's Idaho Running Company.  The promo required emailing the store and stating why I wanted to run the race.  They then had a drawing to pick the winners.  Lucky me, I get to go run 31 miles again!  April 27th, 2013.

The course should be fast, its flat and slightly downhill (following the river downstream on an old railroad grade).  Now, we'll see if my legs are up for it.  I'll feel good for the first 15, then its all up in the air.  On the 21st of March I was able to put together a great little run in Boise, running the first 8 miles of the Race to Robie course and back down in 2:04.  Right after this I had to take some time off.  This means I'm coming off a two week layoff with very little running going into this race.  I had some non-running related issues keeping me off the trails.  I feel good now, and was in great shape before the layoff, so I think I'll be able to sneak in a couple of good workouts on the trails next weekend, and put in some solid miles up until a few days before the race.  I think that I'm mentally less confident going into this than Wilson Creek.  With Wilson Creek, you knew you were going to be hiking it at some point.  This course doesn't provide the shelter of a rocky, steep, mountain climb, but it also means I will be off my feet in less than 5 hours (hopefully).  Overall, I'm using this race as a workout to get ready for some secret race plans coming up in June, so no 7 day taper, but definitely taking it easy race week.  Stay tuned!

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