Friday, January 28, 2011

Easy days don't come easy...

After such a solid weekend of running through the footies, I was faced this week with the reality that I have been fighting a cough and sore soleus muscles for the better part of January. I was able to hit my highest mileage since last summer, do three solid trail runs and 2 significant hilly runs, but (there's always one of those around)... even with my mileage being much lower this week so far, I'm still fighting the cough bug and my energy has hit the wall. I guess its time to really take it easy if I want to be going strong in June for the Sawtooth. Somethings never change... easy days still don't come easy. I'll blame it on my cavelier attitude of all or nothing and full speed ahead in most areas of my life. Hopefully nobody is banking on reading any tales of new adventures this weekend, because unless you like stories of lounging around, changing diapers, and loading the dishwasher, I'll be laying low. Next week sounds like a great week to dust off the bikes again anyway. I think I'll give myself a rest, at least until I convince myself otherwise.

(The Symbols of Hope 5k is coming again for 2011. See Bandanna Running's event calendar for more races in Idaho this spring)

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