Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Long run before Dry Creek!

Sorry about the lack of posting but its been a bit crazy around here lately. I have been trying to really put in the mileage for the upcoming half-marathon which is now only a week away. Meanwhile, I have been busy coaching track a bit and serving my time at parent-teacher conferences. Speaking of which, I finally had my first really negative parent encounter this week... that's all I'll say about it since I have been trying really hard not to dwell on it.

I have managed to up my miles to the 30's the last four straight weeks, topping out last week with a 36 mile week which included a ten mile progression run with Mike. Following that, I had some Soleus muscle issues so I took about four days really easy with no more than 4 miles and one day completely off. Even so, I'm on pace to break into the 30's again this week without really trying to hard... that is, until my run today.

The original plan was to run about 13 miles today, but I thought that I'd take those miles to the trails to get in a last good trail run before running the Dry Creek half next Saturday. I picked up Joe the coach, Suzanne, and Jeff, aka the fast guys and we headed to Wilson Creek. The loop we did I distinctly remember being around 13 miles on my bike so we pointed ourselves in that direction and hit the hills. In the first 3 miles, there is about 600 feet of elevation and much of it is very steep. I was anticipating a hard run, but by mile 7ish I was really wishing we had planned a much shorter run. Perhaps the grumpy parent took more out of me than I thought...

We ended up running down Bingo for the second half of the run and my legs felt a bit better, although I quickly tired when we went up again to finish the run. Time was about 1 hr and 45 mins, and we all estimated about a 12-13 mile effort was not a stretch. Of course with no mapping possible on these hardly visible trails, we can only guess, unless I go out and ride it again just to satisfy my curiosity. Perhaps a rest day tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not :)

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