Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recovery Week

It has been long overdue, but I finally took my recovery week that I've been needing for a little while. It was a good week to just hang out with my wife and kids and not push the training envelope too far. My daughter is 13 months old and is really coming into a fantastic personality. She is working on walking right now and it won't be long until she can keep up with big brother. My son is just as rambunctious (spelling?) as ever. Last night he decided to try and fly off the kitchen chair and took a digger on the floor, he is soooo fast and good at climbing that we really can't take our eyes off him for a moment. I think there is a great little runner in him if we can nurture that in the right way.

It is beautiful to finally be home for the summer and away from the stress that is high school science teaching. I was able to finally get some work done as well... Garden is planted and growing, swingset is painted, landscaping has been touched up, brownies have been made and eaten... oh wait, that's not really work, but it was delicious!

I don't usually like to post my actual training weeks, but since this was a unique one I'll post it up so you can see how I like to recover. Most weeks I run everyday and do a long run, this week I took a couple days off and switched the longish ride for a long run.

  • Sunday: Day after running 1/2 marathon PR, no workout. Went for a walk.

  • Monday: Ran 5.5 miles with a friend at the local Rec Center, easy pace, chatting the whole time.

  • Tuesday: Off, went for a walk.

  • Wednesday: Rode my road bike for 45 minutes, covered 13 miles with some good hills on a windy day.

  • Thursday: Off, did some pushups and went for a walk.

  • Friday: Ran 4 miles at the Rec Center again. This time I just ran by myself.

  • Saturday: Group Ride around Lake Lowell, 27.5 miles in 1:34. No speed records, I probably could have knocked 10 minutes off if I wanted, but that wasn't necessary, although the weather was perfect. Mike got taken out at a stop sign when a member of the ride had a pedal error, opps, but funny!

  • Sunday: Finished off the recovery week with a great little run on my favorite home loop, 6 miles in around 44 minutes. It was perfect out and my legs are beginning to feel back to normal after an intense racing season.
Next Up... I'll be heading back up to the Sawtooth Relay with my Brother-in-law, Chris Stoffer, Speedy Lady Suzanne Sever, Coach Joe Terrazas, and good friends Mike and Cynthia Lapp. It should be a great time. Hopefully the weather holds out while we're up there. Its looking like lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's. Elevation is above 7000' most of the time so it'll be chilly. No rain is the hope, but we were spoiled last year so who knows...

(Starting line of the 2010 Sawtooth Relay, blue skies and sunshine, nothing to complain about here...)

Bring on GALENA! (overlook, 4 miles up the mountain, more on this picture next week)

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