Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crazy training run story...

Its been about 2 1/2 weeks since the carnage of the WCF50K and I feel that my legs and body are starting to come around.  I have been able to log some good runs, and feel ready to take on training for my next planned race, The Silver City Endurance Run on June 23rd.  I have basically decided to loosely follow Bryon Powell's plan outlined in Relentless Forward Progress with some minor modifications to account for a fluctuating schedule of opportunities to run.  I'll definitely be posting some updates as I get them, but for now, there's not much to report.

The only real interesting thing that happened training wise occurred this morning on my pre-work 6-miler.  I set out from home around 5:45am and less than a mile into the workout encountered an older man walking his giant German Shepperd dog.  The dog was startled by my presence and jumped out towards me where I was running on the road.  The jerk caused the man to stumble and fall down a small, shallow, grass covered ditch between the sidewalk and the road where he apparently hit his head and was knocked unconscious.  I carefully approached and tried to communicate with the man and he did not respond to my shouting.  Immediately, I looked around for a passing car and flagged down a woman and her daughter who happened to have a cell phone.  I explained the situation and asked them to call 911.

By then the man was stirring, but still facing the ground and unable to get up.  Another passing car stopped and the gentleman jumped out and came to help.  We made contact with the man who was obviously very out of it, he didn't recall falling down or know what happened, and he eventually asked to get up.  I was very concerned to try this but thought that as long as we held onto him, he couldn't fall and hurt himself again.  After a few shaky steps up to the sidewalk, the older man appeared to have regain composure and was able to walk off towards his home which he insisted was "right around the corner." 

Obviously, I was a bit freaked out by the whole incidence, but felt I maintained calmness and thought clearly enough to take care of the situation.  For the next 5 miles, I thought continuously about the man and wondered if I should have made him wait for the ambulance.  I guess maybe next time I will have to make the same decision, but will have a bit more experience.  I want to point out that I did not move the man until he was already trying to move himself and I asked him more than once to stay on the ground until some help arrived.  When it was clear that he was not going to do that, I helped him up so that he didn't take another fall.  Talk about a memorable morning on a mundane training run...  If you have any comments about these kind of things, I'd love to hear them.

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