Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ready or not, time to run!

Its official, I'm registered for the City of Trees trail series which consists of the Les Bois 10k this weekend (March 5th), the Dry Creek Half-marathon on April 2nd, and the High Desert Half-marathon on my "home" trails of the Kuna Butte (May 21st). I'm really only shooting for a great performance time wise on the last race, but as most of you who know me have already realized, if I'm in a race its only because I want to go and be competitive, so we'll see how things go. To get the pictures rolling, here is the profile I face in 6 days... I should have a good idea how my fitness is coming around afterwards. Its really a rather uninspiring course, but the hard hill run is going to be a big help for the Dry Creek half coming up in a month.

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